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We strive to make Ohio a place where all animals are protected from cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

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To help Ohio families and their pets, OAA's Resource Directory puts local resources at your fingertips.

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We lead and collaborate with teams across Ohio to champion humane policy and coexistence with animals deserving of respect and protection.

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Making a Difference

Community Cats

Trap/neuter/release (TNR) is the only humane and scientifically proven way of stemming overpopulation in cats, and should be done right away.

Dog Tethering

Tethering dogs is inhumane. Local anti-tethering ordinances support the humane treatment of outdoor dogs while enhancing public safety.

Humane Education

Systemic change happens when communities learn about the human-animal bond and increase their compassion towards animals.

Pet Assistance

To support struggling families and their pets, we provide valuable resources such as a list of programs designed for seniors and low-income families.

Pet Protection

We advocate for at-risk family members and safety planning for their pet(s) because we recognize a link between animal abuse and family violence.

Wildlife Protection

An opportunity exists for a new approach to learning how we can coexist with wildlife and advocate for protective policies at the state and local level.


  • 10/26/2021
    OAA’s colleague in Kentucky, Making A Difference Now (MADN), is pleased to offer a FREE webinar on dealing with compassion fatigue, how we can become more engaged and resilient in our work and volunteer experiences. The seminar is Wednesday, October 27, 2021, from 4:30 – 6 pm., please register here.
  • 10/25/2021
    Good news for community cats! Medina City Council’s Finance Committee is considering a proposal to give $10,000 to the Medina County SPCA so the Medina Meow Fix can run a trap-neuter-release program to help control the feral cat population in the city. Read about Councilman Bill Lamb’s reasons for advocating for this legislation by clicking here.
  • 10/24/2021
    This November, help Ohio Animal Foundation (OAF) Tackle Pet Hunger! Join OAF to help end pet hunger in our community and keep pets with their families. Here’s how you can support the campaign: Donate funds that will be used to purchase pet food; donate food at one of OAF’s collection sites between November 1-12; bring your cat or dog food …
  • 10/21/2021
    The National Link Coalition’s October LINKletter front page article was the success of the 9/21/21 Safer Together: Cross-Reporting for Human and Humane Services Webinar. October’s LINKLetter highlights the eight national and state experts that presented at the conference and the diverse scope of domestic violence and animal abuse addressed. Professionals who are still applying for their CE certificates can reach …
  • 10/20/2021
    Community Cats: A Guide for Busy Ohio Municipal Leaders was officially released at OAA’s and Together Initiative’s 10/9/21 Community Cat Summit. This fantastic guide will assist community cat advocates in developing partnerships with local leaders to develop win/win situations for cats and communities. The Community Cat Summit was a smashing success with over 200 registrants and an open session of …
  • 10/16/2021
    Cats and kittens face euthanization at higher rates than any other shelter animal. Today, for Global Cat Day, we recognize the importance of promoting trap/neuter/return programs (TNR) in order to decrease the number of cats in shelters.

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