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Ohio’s Voice for Animals
Ohio’s Voice for Animals.

We strive to make Ohio a place where all animals are protected from cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

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To help Ohio families and their pets, OAA's Resource Directory puts local resources at your fingertips.

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We lead and collaborate with teams across Ohio to champion humane policy and coexistence with animals deserving of respect and protection.

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An animal compassionate one. We welcome Ohioans looking to turn their compassion into action.

Making a Difference

Pet Assistance Resources

To support struggling families and their pets, we provide valuable resources such as a list of programs designed for seniors and low-income families.

Pet Protection

We advocate for at-risk family members and safety planning for their pet(s) because we recognize a link between animal abuse and family violence.

Wildlife Protection

An opportunity exists for a new approach to learning how we can coexist with wildlife and advocate for protective policies at the state and local level.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills breed dogs in horrific conditions that often lead to genetic and medical conditions in puppy mills sold through pet stores.

Community Cats

We provide resources and build partnerships to expand opportunities to humanely care for community cats while reducing populations and nuisances.

Adequate Shelter

We educate communities and local officials on the inhumane suffering and public safety concerns by tethering dogs outside.

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Humane Education

The opportunity to build compassion for community, family and animals exists through humane education opportunities.

Breed Discrimination

Breed Discrimination Ordinances demonize a breed of dog irrespective of individual behavior, raise constitutional issues, and fail to increase public safety.


  • 07/14/2024
    Today, we are highlighting another rescue story from our OAA Board Members! Ten years ago, Stretch was among a litter of abandoned kittens, each needing a loving home. Despite his striking appearance and friendly demeanor, Stretch remained unadopted due to an injured leg, likely caused by mistreatment. At Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming in Athens, Stretch found a home. …
  • 07/12/2024
    The OAA recommended book of the month is A Dangerous Life by Sheila Hamanaka! This wonderful graphic novel, published by the Animal Welfare Institute and aimed at middle school-aged readers, is about an American teen’s trip to Africa and her discovery of the terrible price elephants pay because of the global ivory trade. Animal Welfare Institute has also created an …
  • 07/11/2024
    Domestic violence is a daunting cycle of abuse, which can be exasperated when pets are involved. When Lainey* learned the man who had abused her would be released from prison early, she knew right away that her two children and four cats weren’t safe. It would take many months before they could be reunited again, but a RedRover Relief Safe …
  • 07/10/2024
    After beating and dumping a cat in a sealed box outdoors in the freezing cold, a man has been sentenced to twelve months of prison. Tragically, the cat’s suffering was so severe that euthanasia was determined to be necessary. Christopher Ferrell, 51, was arrested shortly after and then pleaded guilty. Sentencing the maximum penalty possible under Goddard’s Law sends the …
  • 07/09/2024
    Do you want to learn more about implementing Trap-Neuter-Return in your community? Experts Bryan Kortis and Susan Richmond of Neighborhood Cats are here to teach you all about TNR. Register now for The Neighborhood Cats TNR Certification Workshop! This 2.5-hour course teaches the best practices for TNR and colony management. Learn tips and procedures on getting along with neighbors, preparations …
  • 07/08/2024
    We are excited to announce that Clare Schlegel has joined our OAA team as an Advocacy Assistant! Clare is a Senior at The Ohio State University studying political science on the pre-law track. She was previously a nonprofit intern, where she learned to combine her passion for animal welfare and law. Congratulations Clare, welcome to the team!

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